CFID works with strategic partners and supporters to hasten
the discovery of innovative solutions to better understand,
diagnose, prevent, control and treat existing and
emerging infectious diseases that threaten our good health.

How Donations are Used

CFID takes great care to ensure that your precious donations are used to further the goals of the Foundation in the most ethical and cost-efficient manner. CFID works hard to keep infrastructure costs of maintaining the Foundation to a minimum. For example, most of the administrative duties (e.g. secretarial, accounting, web-development, etc.) are provided by volunteers and aided by contractual help (e.g. financial audit, legal counsel, etc.) as needed.

Restricted Funds

Restricted funds are funds received from corporations or the general public for a specific cause or purpose. Distribution of funds, including the percentage applied to infrastructure costs, are strictly according to conditions mutually agreed to and stipulated by the contractual agreement between the donor and the Foundation.

Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted funds are donations from corporations or the general public to accomplish specific goals or for specific areas of infectious disease research, but the distribution of funds is left to the discretion of the CFID Board of Directors. The priority and allocation of funds are guided by a three-year Strategic Plan and in keeping with CFID By-Laws. Currently, a 15% levy from all unrestricted donations is applied to subsidize operational costs of the Foundation and shortfalls in fellowship and studentship stipends. Some of the recurring expenses for maintaining day-to-day activities and fulfilling contractual obligations of the Foundation include:

  • Annual auditing costs
  • Legal counsel for constution and by-law amendments
  • Online donation system
  • Fellowship and studentship stipends
  • Research project operating grants
  • Webhosting and communcation costs
  • Expenses related to Annual General Meeting
  • Office supplies, postage and courier services
  • Commemorative plaques for annual awards
  • Software licences for management of donor database and web development