CFID works with strategic partners and supporters to hasten
the discovery of innovative solutions to better understand,
diagnose, prevent, control and treat existing and
emerging infectious diseases that threaten our good health.

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When you give to the Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases (CFID), you are helping create a healthier future for us all. Your gift supports the critical work of Canada’s medical microbiologists and infectious disease specialists and has a direct impact on their ability to identify, prevent, control and treat serious illnesses. Your donation helps protect Canadians and people worldwide from developing, spreading and succumbing to infectious diseases.

Partnering for Novel Solutions in Infectious Diseases

The table blow outlines various ways that your contribution could advance research in infectious diseases. Please tell us what you think the most important areas are, or discuss with us an area you would like to help us develop.

Funding Initiatives
  1. Emerging
  2. Infectious Diseases
  1. Therapeutic
  2. Initiatives
  1. Diagnostic
  2. Microbiology
  1. Ambulatory*, STIs,
  2. Blood-borne, other infections
Summer Research Studentships + + + +
Fellowships + + + +
Innovation & Education Awards** + + + +
Pilot Grants + + + +
*Including tropical and geographic medicine
** The Innovation and Education Awards category is designed to serve the continuing education needs of AMMI Canada members and their trainees, by offering opportunities for short-term awards that can be applied to focused areas of study or professional development (e.g., antimicrobial stewardship, clinical or laboratory skills acquisition), or innovative approaches/techniques that may benefit either research or clinical practice.

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