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Trainees' Corner

   - helpful talks presented on Trainees' Day at annual AMMI-Canada/CACMID Conferences

2016 AMMI-Canada/CACMID Annual Conference

  • •  Pearls for Success on the Royal College Fellowship Exams (Dr. Troy Grennan, University of British Columbia) download

  • •  Oh, the Places You'll Go (Drs. Miguel Imperial & Melanie Murray, University of British Columbia) download

  • •  Surviving and Thriving after Residency (Dr. Melanie Murray, University of British Columbia) download

  • •  Things I Wish I knew During Residency (Dr. Philippe Martin, University of Sherbrook) download

  • •  Beyond "Staff" aureus - Getting the Most out of Residency (Dr. Zain Chagla, McMaster University) download

2015 AMMI-Canada/CACMID Annual Conference

  • •  Beyond Finding a Job that Makes Us Happy - Is it really that hard? (Dr. Alexander Wong, University of Saskatchewan) download

  • Mentoring in Medicine (Dr. Penny Barnes, Dalhousie University) download

  • Human Resource Management - the Good, the Bad, and the Awkward (Dr. Cheryl Main, McMaster University) download