CFID works with strategic partners and supporters to hasten
the discovery of innovative solutions to better understand,
diagnose, prevent, control and treat existing and
emerging infectious diseases that threaten our good health.

Partners & Supporters


Thank you to our generous supporters over the past year:

Dr. Michel Laverdiére
Dr. Susan Richardson
Dr. John Conly
Dr. Anthony Chow
Dr. Raphäel Saginur
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The Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases is forging partnerships to ensure that research to help understand, prevent, control and treat infectious diseases continues. By finding the resources to fund the research efforts of investigators in the field of infectious diseases and microbiology, the Foundation is helping to protect the good health of Canadians and people worldwide. This critical research would not be possible without the generous support of the active partners listed below, including:

  • Bill Lowthian Memorial Golf Tournament Fund
  • Safe Drinking Water Fund

Coporate Donations Received for 2017 CFID Bug Run


2017 donations


Generous donations were received from the following corporate partners during 2017:

 • Altona DiagnosticsAltona



 • Sunovian PharmaceuticalsSynovian



 • Luminex CorporationLuminex



 • Alere ToxicologyAlere



 • Gilead Sciences Inc.Gilead



 • BioMerieux-BioFire DiagnosticsBioMerieux



 • Merck PharmaceuticalsMerck



Astellas USA

Astellas USA

Astellas USA Foundation provided a generous and unrestricted grant during 2011 to assist CFID achieve the following goals:

  • To help establish the "CFID Brand" by overhauling our current website, and put in place mechanisms to provide continual updates in real time
  • To develop an online donation capability that supports CFID research and educational programs
  • To provide linkages to our partners, permitting CFID to highlight infectious disease priorities for the public through a multi-media campaign, and to become the "one-stop shopping" gateway for Canadian infectious disease and medical microbiology databases.

Pfizer Canada


Pfizer Canada provided a generous and unrestricted grant during 2012 to help CFID achieve the following goals:

  • To establish an annual Pfizer-CFID Lecture to be delivered at the AMMI/CACMID meeting, perhaps also named for a Canadian ID/Microbiology pioneer, to speak to the broad picture of infectious diseases in Canada from a social, political, and economic focus (e.g. "Forecast on Infectious Diseases in Canada", or "Preserving the Antibiotic Pipeline").
  • To create an inventory of databases relevant to infectious diseases and medical microbiology specific to the Canadian healthcare setting. The intent is to develop a "one-stop shopping" website that facilitates access to current information on infectious diseases specific to Canada and its provinces. Linkages to information on incidence, prevalence, burden of disease, antimicrobial resistance rates, prevalence of viral respiratory infections, C. difficile outbreaks, etc will be sought. CFID hopes to partner with other like-minded organizations such as AMMI, CACMID, CHICA and others on this initiative, and will explore links to sites such as CBDN, CIPARS, CNISP, CBSN, CARA, Can-R, BCCDC and other provincial sites, Health Canada, PHAC, NCCID etc., while encouraging members from other organizations to submit data.

Merck Canada Inc.


Merck Canada Inc. provided a generous and unrestricted grant during 2016 through its Merck Better Care, Healthy Communities Funding Program to support various activities of CFID including:

  • CFID Awards Program (undergraduate and medical student summer research awards, pilot research grants)
  • CFID State of the Clinical Art Speakers Program at our annual AMMI Canada-CACMID meetings
  • Program for Integrating & Publicizing Canadian infectious disease databases
  • Public Awareness and Education through continuing CFID website development and maintenance
  • Infrastructure Costs (CFID has no other revenue except through interests from donations)

Pulsus Canada

Pulsus Canada

Pulsus Canada provided valuable expertise and accounting assistance to the CFID Board over the past 4 years and made generous donations in response to the current drive by the CFID Board to raise operating funds in support of its awards programs.