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ROAR is a major fundraising adventure presented by and for CFID

ROAR HOME : CFID’s ROAR Up Kilimanjaro a “roaring” success – raises $210,000 for research on infectious diseases in Canada.

Members of the Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases and AMMI Canada applaud the ROAR team’s dedication and thank them for the success of ROAR up Kilimanjaro and for their support for our Foundation and Canadian based infectious diseases research.

The 32 members of the ROAR Up Kilimanjaro fund raising team:

  •  became community advocates for preventing and treating infectious diseases in Africa,
  •  recruited an army of new supporters for the research of the Canadian Foundation for Infectious  Diseases (CFID), and
  •  raised more than $210,000 to Realize Opportunities to Advance Research

ROAR UP Kilimanjaro

ROAR Up Kilimanjaro began in November 2005 with each member committed to train for the climb, and to raise at least $5,000 for research in addition to their travel expenses.

On July 27, 2006 the team assembled in Moshi, a dusty town in Tanzania. After one day to recover from the 23 hours of travel from Toronto -- the team moved on to ROAR Up Kilimanjaro.

Dense clouds rolled in and surrounded the ROAR team much of the time, with occasional tantalizing glimpses of the summit. The team trekked across terrain that looked like the moon, encountered lands that resembled something from Dr. Seuss, explored areas carved out by glaciers and others formed by ancient volcanic activities and scrambled up steep slopes.

The amazing guides and porters packed up camp with tents, heavy bags, food and water strapped to their backs and balanced on their heads. When the ROAR team reached camp each day, food was ready, and their new friends were dancing and singing songs of welcome

After five days of hiking 6 - 10 hours per day, the team reached 15,000 feet at 11 pm on August 1 Enveloped in darkness and cold, 22 determined ROAR team members slowly made their way up the final 4,344 feet on slippery, rocky slopes to the mountain’s summit..

Kilimanjaro was – and is – awesome but team members report it was the people that made ROAR Up Kilimanjaro the adventure of a lifetime. Their shared commitment to preventing and treating infectious diseases and shared adventure has resulted in lifetime friendships.

You too can support the Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases.

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